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J Krishnamurti Teachings: Socially Expected Actions Vs. Instinctive Actions

Posted on Dec 26, 2016 by in Krishnamurti Articles | 0 comments

greatness and glory of man (1)

J Krishnamurti teachings: “You must become conscious of the false values which have been established through the centuries and to which you have become a slave; you must become conscious of values, to find out whether they are false or true, and this you must do for yourself. No one can do it for you – and herein lies the greatness and glory of man.

This article works towards extracting the wisdom from J Krishnamurti Teachings, particularly from Stresa, Italy 2nd Public Talk from the 8th of July, 1933.  The main idea that will be discussed is Social vs. Instinctive actions and how we can deal with it.


J Krishnamurti Teachings: Enslavement & Conformity


  • According to J Krishnamurti teachings, the individual is someone who is dominated and controlled by their disappointments, their cravings, their fears.  This creates a type of circumstance that leads to enslavement and conformity.  Unfortunately, this leads to that individual losing their individuality, or uniqueness.

  • When examining our lives, it becomes clear that our actions are just a reaction to a set of standards, or a series of ideas.
  • Our reactions to these set of standards leads to our suffering, fear, ignorance and our desire for possession.  fearThis action can be called individual action and can be characterized as not action at all.  Instead a constant reaction where there is no positive action.
  • Chaos and utter destruction is occurring around the world due to the prevalence of not acting from our fullness.  We continue to adhere to our fear and a lack of understanding that fear.
  • J Krishnamurti teachings advise us to find the value of a certain standard we may hold.  Take that value and WEIGH IN and BALANCE what we really think and feel against that “standard demand.”  We shouldn’t just be trying to act in opposite towards that “standard demand.”  Rebuild the “standard demand” to one you can work with.
  • Acting instinctively (and avoiding the standard demand) can hurt us.  It can also lead us to chaos.  This is because a perversion has occurred with our instincts through the centuries of education we have been taught.

J Krishnamurti Teachings:

  • An individual’s own instinct demands one certain type of action.   Whereas society (which the individual had a hand in creating throughout the centuries; one which the individual is a slave to) demands another type of action.
  • The fullness of comprehension in action can never be had if we chooses to adhere to the standard demands of society.

J Krishnamurti Teachings: Social vs. Instinctive Actions


  • Wisdom in action can only be had when we ponder over the demand of our instincts AND the demands of society.
  • The liberation of the individual requires a large amount of earnestness.  A great searching into the depth of an action is necessary.  Liberation of the individual cannot occur throuminor coggh the result of action born out of impulses.
  • To find real individuality, we must recognize exactly who we are.  No matter how educated we may be, we are only a partially true individual.  A greater part of us is determined by our reaction to society.
  • Unfortunately, by reacting to society, we become a minor cog in a tremendous machine. One that consists of constructs from society, religion, and politics.  By acting out with complete fullness, we can discover the true worth of society and the instinct that is causing our action.
  • J Krishnamurti teachings assert we must be aware and conscious of the false values that have been created throughout the centuries.  We must learn to move towards being conscious of these values and to have a desire to find out whether these false values are really true.  This must be done by the individual themselves.  This will lead them to the first steps of an individual’s greatness and glory.
  • When making actions, make sure we are searching and discovering the right value of standards.  This does not mean we should decide quickly and result in instinctive action that leads to chaos.

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Please share this post with your friends & family and help spread the knowledge and wisdom of Jiddu Krishnamurti. Thank you & stay blessed!