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Krishnamurti and Authority

Posted on Jan 2, 2017 by in Krishnamurti Articles | 0 comments

completeness of life

J.Krishnamurti: “where action involves effort, self-control – there must be diminution and limitation of life, but where action is effortless, spontaneous, there is completeness of life.”

This article analyzes Krishnamurti and Authority and dissects the knowledge and wisdom from he displayed at  ALPINO, ITALY 3RD PUBLIC TALK 6TH JULY, 1933.


Krishnamurti and Authority: Searching for Security

  • According to J.Krishnamurti, we create authority because we are searching for a particular type of security.  A security that involves no need to make effort, and therefore cannot be attained by searching for it.


  • Once we stop seeking for security, we can find a state of fulfillment.  a fulfillment which assures bliss and a state in which we can act from in all aspects of life.
  • To find this fulfillment, we need to come to a realization with OUR WHOLE BEING that there is no security in life.  We also have to understand that there isn’t a need to be on a constant search for security.
  • J.Krishnamurti warns us that we use religion, social constructs, and economic systems to create ideals about our individual security.  This religionautomatically become authority we adhere and conform to.   Therefore,  we are responsible for the creation of the authority we are enslaved to.
  • Until we are fully aware, with our whole being, the cause of the creation of these types of authority, we will always be a slave to it.  This awareness can only come from ACTING.  Not through sitting around in intellectual discussions and self-analysis.

Krishnamurti and Authority: Arrive at a State of Effortlessness

  • If you are satisfied, continue on that way.
  • By wanting to be aware, we are making it something that needs to be attained. This will not help us become aware.
  • We are trying to dispose one set of rules by ‘wanting” awareness, therefore creating another set of rules.
  • J.Krishnamurti asserts that during suffering (crisis) an opportunity arises to test our awareness and strive to build upon it.  Do not escape crisesfrom the crisis.  Instead stand and make a decision.  Make sure not to make a decision out of choice but of action itself.  (Don’t sit around and analyze choices; make the initial action that comes intuitively)
  • When we try to escape the crisis, we are not trying to be aware.  Or are we concerned with the cause of the suffering.  This leads to our whole attention on the escape.
  • We will never find truth through the guidance of another, through searching for security, or through escape.  This will only result in eternal loneliness.
  • Trying to ESCAPE the factors that affect our awareness (religion, social constructs, and economic systems) and attaining awareness is incorrect.  At this point, we have confused the two and therefore seek a compromise.
  • J.Krishnamurti advises us to find out WHAT YOU WANT and what it is you crave for.   By doing this, the question of awareness will not arise.

“So your action is based on the idea of consolation, on the idea of multiplication of experiences; your action is determined by choice which has its roots in want. But the moment you become aware with your mind and heart, with your whole being, of the futility of want, then emptiness ceases.”

  • J.Krishnamurti
  • We seek consolation because we are lonely.  Next time when we seek consolation: BE HONEST, FRANK, and be VERY AWARE of what we want.  BE CONSCIOUS that this is exactly what we want.

Krishnamurti and Authority: Dependence of Another

“Where there is dependency or the looking to another for support, for encouragement, where there is reliance on another, there is loneliness. In your looking to another for fulfillment, for happiness or well-being, in your looking to another for consolation, in your dependence on any person or idea as an authority in matters of religion – in all this there is utter loneliness.”


  • Dependence on another in order to fulfill the search for comfort can only result in eternal loneliness.
  • J.Krishnamurti asserts that eternal emptiness and nothingness is a result of WANT.   We are driven by the ecstasy from pleasures, sensations and passing joys that fill our wants and desires.  This leads us to be skeptical and don’t know how to act when one tells us the falsity of it all.  We then proceed to discipline ourselves, only to have that discipline destroy our creative living.


  • Eventually, we really become aware of the absurdity of the emptiness of want.  This will allow us to let the wants fall away from us without our effort.
  • As long as the idea of choice enslaves us, we have to make an effort.  From this rises the problems of living with effort.

“So where there is choice there can be no discernment, for discernment is choiceless. Where there is choice and the capacity to choose, there is only limitation. Only when choice ceases is there liberation, fullness, richness of action, which is life itself. Creation is choiceless, as life is choiceless, as understanding is choiceless. Likewise is truth; it is a continuous action, an everbecoming, in which there is no choice. It is pure discernment.”

  • J.Krishnamurti
Krishnamurti highlights these following points:

When the mind seeks comfort in security, authority is created.

Begin with ourselves and our own garden, not with someone else’s.

Don’t create a new system of thoughts, ideas, or behaviour without reforming the old system.

To begin anew, we must break away from the old.  However, one must UNDERSTAND THE CAUSE OF THE OLD SYSTEM before one can break away from it.



Join in on the conversation!  Please comment on this article and tell me what you think.

What do you agree with and what don’t you agree with?

How do you think we can apply this knowledge in our daily lives to enrich our quality of life as individuals and as a species?

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