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Krishnamurti on Love

Posted on Mar 17, 2017 by in Krishnamurti Articles | 4 comments

To understand Krishnamurti on Love, this article will break down some of his quotes about love to get a better understanding of his  wisdom and understanding of it.


Krishnamurti on Love: Love is Alive

“Love is something that is new, fresh, alive. It has no yesterday and no tomorrow. It is beyond the turmoil loveof thought. It is only the innocent mind which knows what love is, and the innocent mind can live in the world which is not innocent. To find this extraordinary thing which man has sought endlessly through sacrifice, through worship, through relationship, through sex, through every form of pleasure and pain, is only possible when thought comes to understand itself and comes naturally to an end. Then love has no opposite, then love has no conflict.”

  • Jiddu Krishnamurti, Freedom from the Known,87


  • In this quote, Krishnamurti identifies THOUGHT as a problem to recognizing real love.   He refers to the innocent mind as a mind that does not think.  Love is alive and to be FELT.  Not to be thought about and defined according to the social conditioning we have encountered.
  • The mind that thinks will do so with social conditioning passed down through family, the media and religious institutions.   Our thoughts and therefore understanding of worship, relationship, sex, and every form of pleasure and pain are all distorted.
  • So before we pursue love, we have to go through our thoughts and our understandings of love.  We have to lose the social conditioning that is in place.  We can’t “think” what love is, and more so have to end the thoughts and FEEL love for what it really is.
  • It’s important we analyze our thoughts and understandings on factors of a relationship such as possession, expectations, and personal satisfaction.  We have to be sure to define exactly what we want with these factors.  Most importantly, we have to make sure we don’t define these factors according to what we were TAUGHT.


Krishnamurti on Love: Love Comes Into Being

“When the things of the mind don’t fill your heart, then there is love; and love alone can transform the present madness and insanity in the world—not systems, not theories, either of the left or the right. You Krishnamurti on Lovereally love only when you do not possess, when you are not envious, not greedy, when you are respectful, when you have mercy and compassion, when you have consideration for your wife, your children, your neighbour, your unfortunate servants. Love cannot be thought about, love cannot be cultivated, love cannot be practised. The practice of love, the practice of brotherhood, is still within the field of the mind, therefore it is not love. When all this has stopped, then love comes into being, then you will know what it is to love.”

  • Jiddu Krishnamurti, The First and Last Freedom, p 234
  • In this quote, Krishnamurti asserts that we can’t fill the heart with our mind.  We can’t love with thoughts of how we would expect a relationship to be or with expectations of our partner.
  • Feelings of possession, envious, and greed cannot be part of our definition of love.  These feelings come from thoughts created from fear and will manifest in a relationship if we allow it.
  • We must have feelings of mercy, compassion and respect for ALL HUMANS in order to find real love that is not tainted by fear.
  • Love cannot be thought about, cultivated, or practiced because all these actions exist in the “field of the mind.”

Krishnamurti on Love: Life Has No Meaning Without Love

“In this torn desert world there is no love because pleasure and desire play the greatest roles, yet without love your daily life has no meaning. And you cannot have love if there is no beauty. Beauty is not something you see—not a beautiful tree, a beautiful picture, a beautiful building, or a beautiful woman.

There is beauty only when your heart and mind know what love is. Without love and that sense of beauty Krishnamurti on Lovethere is no virtue, and you know very well that, do what you will, improve society, feed the poor, you will only be creating more mischief, for without love there is only ugliness and poverty in your heart and mind. But when there is love and beauty, whatever you do is right, whatever you do is in order. If you know how to love, then you can do what you like because it will solve all other problems.”

  • Jiddu Krishnamurti, Freedom from the Known, p 86


  • Krishnamurti feels there is no love in this world because pleasure and desire play main roles in our understanding of love.
  • Beauty cannot be defined by words & thoughts.   In fact, beauty cannot be recognized in its full form without the heart and the mind both understanding what love really is.
  • When we understand love without the social conditioning, we can get closer to its real definition through feeling.  Once we “feel” love without “learnt” thoughts, we can recognize beauty for all its marvel.
  • At this stage of feeling love and therefore recognizing beauty, everything we do will be right and in order.  When we know how to LOVE CORRECTLY, it will solve all the problems we have.


Join in on the conversation!  Please comment on this article and tell me what you think.

What do you agree with and what don’t you agree with?

How do you think we can apply this knowledge in our daily lives to enrich our quality of life as individuals and as a species?


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  1. I am very glad I chanced upon your article. I agree with your analysis that according to the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti, that before we pursue love, we have to go through our thoughts and our understandings of love. In its core essence, it is very true universally. It is only when we understand what love is, can we truly love. Your article made me research more on Jiddu Krishnamurti. I must admit, it is my first time to have read about him. From what you’ve shared, I’ll do further research to appreciate more his teachings. Thank you for this great eye-opener.

    • Hey JR,

      Thanks for checking out the article.

      I completely agree with you about understanding love. Love really plays a big role in our lives. Not just with a significant other, but with ourselves, our family, nature, etc. Having a strong understanding of Love can only enrich it and that is important.

      You are going to love Krishnamurti. He can tend to be a bit rude in a sense where he does not sugar coat things and gets right to the point. But I love how he brings it and really makes you open your eyes to some of the things that are happening inside our mind.

      Stay blessed Jr!

  2. I love the Indian people. They have such an interesting way of explaining things. Their perspective tends to lend itself to harmony, cheerfulness and good will.

    \how long have you been studying these teachings? Are the helpful to you?

    • Hey,

      Thanks Elizabeth! For sure, the people at that part of the planet do have some interesting insights on life and how to carry about with it. I have been reading Krishnamurti’s work for about a couple of years now.

      Its impressive to me that Krishnamurti was touring all across Europe in the 1930’s lecturing about how much that can be done in our thoughts and the way we think and how that will subsequently lead to changes in our behavior and our ideals.

      Krishnamurti’s teachings definitely do help with understanding my mind and how it is operating. I have realized a lot of the thoughts I have are on auto-pilot and not really well thought out in terms of it being genuinely me. These teachings have helped me slow down and analyze each thought I have for what its purpose and I have to say it has been exhilarating to slowly but surely begin to control the mind.

      Thanks for checking the article out and commenting.

      Stay blessed!

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